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On [Wardrobe] Confidence

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I had a moment of self-doubt last night.

I had just taken a shower and was trying to pick out an outfit for my first day (today.) I couldn’t find anything to wear. This dress was too loose, those pants gave me a camel toe; I, along with my entire wardrobe, seemed woefully inadequate for a job at one of the most stylish magazines around. Why did I ever submit myself to this? I wanted nothing more than to be on the next plane back to California. LA…flip flop jean shorts heaven.

But it wasn’t my wardrobe that needed a facelift; it was my perspective. You got hired for this job, I told myself. They chose you. And they chose me for my resume, not my outfits; what I do, not what I wear. The value of my work is more important than the value of my ($6 Goodwill) blazer.

And besides, in more confident moments I’m pretty proud of the way I dress. What I’m wearing this morning represents my style well.

britt and gig

Selfie with my new boss. Foxcroft denim shirt, thrifted blazer, thrifted sunglasses (Halston), Kate Spade tote (from outlet). Instagram, @bchevalier

So I’m walking into my first day with my head held high. Confident posture is a very important accessory.

Just please God don’t let anyone notice the camel toe.


Anyone know where to get black skinny pants that would fit a tall girl better than these? Comment with your favorite pair below.


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