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Wishing for pockets


Today, I’m wearing a blazer and pants: two articles of clothing that have served their purpose for men, largely unchanged, for over 100 years. Yet modern womenswear designers have rendered both of these timeless pieces completely dysfunctional by refusing to put in adequate storage compartments.

Why don’t my clothes have any pockets? I just walked into the bathroom with my phone and realized I had no place to put it. I didn’t want to set it on the sink (ew), so I ended up sticking it in my bra. Girls, we shouldn’t have to live like this.

I could get super feministy here and say the reason women’s clothes are still largely designed to be less substantial, less comfortable, and less functional then men’s is that the apparel industry is part of the PATRIARCHY MACHINE, man. The machine keeps us in place by keeping us dependent on men to hold all our shit while we pee. But that’s just a theory.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Thrifted blazer, J. Crew Factory top (on sale here), H&M pants from a few years ago, Keds Champion sneakers in Navy (on Amazon.)

And my search for the perfect black blazer (with inside pockets) continues.


Linked up to Living in Color.


13 thoughts on “Wishing for pockets

  1. I absolutely love this outfit!! I never would have thought to pair these clothes the way you did. So glad I found your blog girl! 🙂 My fashion blog has thrifted name brands as well, I love finding deals like the one you are wearing! Finding a good blazer is hard!

    • I’m so glad you found MY blog, I just checked yours out and love your outfits too!! Followed. Yay for new blog friends.

      And I agree, I think blazers are the hardest things to shop for. They never fit me right in the shoulder.

      Have a great Monday, and thanks so much again for reading! May I ask how you stumbled upon my blog? Trying to figure out how people are finding me 🙂

  2. This post is SO accurate! There is nothing worse than realising you’ve left the house in an outfit completely devoid of pockets!!

    So glad I discovered your blog today, it’s great 🙂

  3. I totally agree: I find a cute blazer and then realize it has no usable pockets, neither inside nor outside. What’s the use of a blazer you can”t abuse as a purse ;)? Even more when I don’t like using the pockets in my pants ’cause you can detect everything I put in there :b vanity thy name is skinny jeans…

    • I couldn’t agree more. I HATE it when you can see the bulge of my iPhone in the back pocket of my pants. I feel like I’m just asking someone to steal it

  4. I loveeee those pants! Sometimes they don’t include pockets because it helps give the clothes a sleeker look without excess materials – I’ve actually cut the pocket fabric out and closed them up myself because it keeps them bunching up!

    • Thanks, girl! They’re from H&M…I got them a long time ago, but they still make pants in this exact fit. And that’s so funny, you’re right…I guess it comes down to if I’d rather have my skinny fit pants or a place to fit my phone!

  5. Let us know if you find one! I’ve never had a blazer with pockets but could definitely use one. I really like this outfit on you!

    Nicole to the Nines

  6. These pants!! Worth the sacrifice for pockets. Inevitably on the day you have a situation where you need pockets, your outfit won’t have any. Happens every time. It’s the worst!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    • Dang girl. You got to ALL the posts today 😉 Would you believe the pants were only $10 at H&M? I love finds like that. I agree, they’re probably worth the pocket sacrifice…but man I love pockets! I’m so tired of sticking my phone in my bra!

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