Dolce and Gabriella

Little thoughts from the Big Apple

Comments that really piss New Yorkers off

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“Wow, that’s expensive.”

“Is it always this humid?”

“In-n-Out definitely has better burgers than Shake Shack.”


Processed with VSCOcam

(but not better fries)

“I’ve used my umbrella more times in the past three weeks than I’ve used it in California EVER!”

“Can I get some avocado on that?”

“I would have brought a jacket, but I don’t own one.”

“This traffic really isn’t all that bad. I take the 5 home from school during rush hour.”

“My feet hurt. Can’t we drive?”

“This apartment costs HOW much?”

“These aren’t real tacos.”

[To someone singing a line from “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea] “Guess what? Part of the music video was filmed on the freeway by my house!”


photo (5)

true story

“Yeah I never buy oranges, cause my neighbor always gives me a bunch from his tree.”

“Oh hey, this tote bag still has sand in it from the beach.”


In other words,



There’s no place like home.


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