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The match made in denim hell: a cautionary tale


Notice anything weird?

Look at the socks. Then the skirt.

photo (7)

Madewell skirt (similar on sale), Keds sneakers (here on Amazon), BP t-shirt (at Nordstrom), Forever 21 necklace (try 1 2 or 3)

Yep, they’re matching. Nope, it was an accident. Unfortunately this happens a lot because I tend to buy clothes over and over in the same few styles (stripes, denim, leather, navy blue, gray). It works out well for me most of the time, because pretty much everything I own goes with everything else. But sometimes when I’m getting dressed on autopilot in the early morning hours, having all these similar clothes backfires on me. Take for example the time I wore an outfit of entirely black leather, from the jacket to the dress to the shoes. Or the time I groggily paired a denim shirt with a denim jacket with denim jeans with denim sneakers. Definitely too much of a good thing, but lucky for all of us my friends made sure to get lots of pictures.


denim tux

And the braid? I don’t even know. Let’s pretend that this happened a long time ago and the necklace in this picture is NOT the same one I’m wearing in the photo above…

I’m considering making myself some DIY Garanimals tags for grownups, thereby eliminating the need to think about planning outfits once and for all. Seriously, how much better would my mornings be if I could just match red dots to red dots and move on with my life? No more denim-on-denim (on denim-on-denim) fiascos, no more “what jacket goes with this outfit?!” moments…

New summer project.


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