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What Would Jared Do?


The latest trend to rock the hair world is the half bun, where you put the top half of your hair in a knot and leave the other half hanging. When the ultra-fashionable editorial assistant at my internship walked into the office with one earlier this summer, I dismissed it as a quirky-cool thing only she could pull off. But lately, a slew of half buns have appeared on Tumblr and Pinterest–every site from Nasty Gal to Byrdie is preaching the virtues of the “baby bun.”

We all know, though, who really started this baby bun thing.

letoPinterest, Alicia Holden.

I’m pretty cautious when it comes to trends, but I think some little part of me has always wanted to be like/be Jared Leto. So, at the risk of looking like a Teletubby, I gave the baby bun a shot.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAmerican Eagle romper (old), J. Crew Factory sunglasses (other colors on sale), IIIBeca by Joy Gryson bag (which I got for $24 at Beacon’s Closet in New York)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’m kind of feeling it. My hair is off my face, yet it’s still shielding my neck from the blistering sun (I missed you, sun!)

For a guaranteed improvement on your current afternoon, ogle some more glorious man buns here here and here. Apparently there’s a fervent group of man bun worshippers on Pinterest. And let’s all thank Jared Leto again for bringing this perplexingly attractive hairstyle into the public eye, although according to The New York Times, it’s been around in Brooklyn since 2012. Obviously.

Would you wear a baby bun?

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12 thoughts on “What Would Jared Do?

  1. Aha I think the half up bun style originated from the 90’s but I love it! Such an easy way to wear your hair!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • Hehe looks like you really do love it! And you’re totally right about the 90’s. Funny how the weirdest trends resurface (I do NOT get this summer’s jelly sandal thing.)

  2. Sad that American Eagle romper is sold out! Beautiful find!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest post:

  3. I like your jumper and your hair, nice change to keep it off your face in the summer. I need to wear my hair up more.
    from the link up
    please stop by

    • Why thank you! Yeah, it was really easy to do, too–I just raked the top half of my hair up into a little loopy ponytail on the top of my head. Simplest summer hairstyle ever.

  4. Love your baby bun, cute. Gorgeous romper, lovely colours and pattern.

  5. I think you pull it off well. I usually go for this look when I need to take off my makeup etc. The romper is lovely!

    • Thanks Cindy! I wish I could link to the romper but unfortunately I bought it a few years ago. I hate when someone features something on a blog that I want and I can’t buy…

  6. Yes! I have been loving the baby bun and you rock it!
    Emma| With A City Dream

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